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Malaysian Road Sign

Malaysian Road Sign


The Chicken Rice Shop (KT Outlet)

TCRS Giant Kuala Terengganu

Lot F12-F15, Giant Hypermarket Kuala Terengganu, H.S. (D) 6917, Lot PT1485, Jalan Padang Hiliran, 21100 Cabang Tiga, Kuala Terengganu.

Tel / Fax: 09-622 8298


瓜拉登嘉楼【Kuala Terengganu】市内景点

-水晶回教堂 Masjid Kristal
-回教文明公园 Taman Tamadun Islam
-公主山 Bukit Puteri
-Kedai Besar Pasar Payang 传统市场(星期五很多店关门)
-Pantai Batu Burok海滩
-Pulau Duyong传统造船
-Pulau Duyong Riyaz Heritage Resort
-Noor Arfa Batik蜡染布料中心
-TTC Planetarium
-Batu Bersurat 交通圈
-Bukit Besar

KT city view 瓜登风景

View from Riyaz Heritage Resort - Pulau Duyong, Kuala Terengganu
杜永岛Riyaz Heritage度假村眺望瓜拉登嘉楼市

Overnight Candat sotong trip a fulfilling one

Overnight Candat sotong trip a fulfilling one

COME rain or shine, I will never pass on an opportunity to Candat Sotong (squid jigging) off the coast of Terengganu.

And my favourite spot for squid is in Chukai, Kemaman, where I have been going almost every year.

Recently, I rounded up my sotong-kaki Ryota Hazishume, a Japanese expatriate from Osaka who have been living in Malaysia for nearly 15 years.

Hazishume-san has been fishing around the East Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia and is fond of trying out ika (squid) jigging in Terengganu.

“Hey Samo-san, I will get you some ika jigs from Osaka,” said the enthusiastic angler.

An avid angler, Hazishume is also a good cook.

For the trip to Chukai, he had prepared a special concoction to preserve fresh squid called okezuke.

“Ah, this recipe is a traditional way for preserving squid,” he said.

Apart from that, my Japanese friend also taught me a special technique on how to humanely put down a live squid.

Fuelled with enthusiasm, especially with a prospect of a sashimi and okezuke dinner, I made prior arrangment with my regular boatman Raduan who takes special charters for squid jiggers.

The drive to Kemaman is roughly about three hours from the Klang Valley via the East Coast highway and as soon as we got to Chukai, our boatman was already waiting.

We wasted no time by boarding the small vessel as the trip to the fishing holes would take more than three hours.

Squid jigging is done at night with spotlights aimed directly into the sea.

This attracts the cephalopods that are also mating in the depths.

With an artificial lure, an experienced angler can land as much as 50 -100 squids on a good day.

The variety of squids off the coast of Terengganu are the sotong Torak, mengabang and katak.

But with the unpredictable weather, we had to sit through a storm in the middle of night and made a call to head for shore as sea conditions were rough.

As a follow-up, Hazishume had organised a dinner treat in a Japanese restaurant in Subang Jaya and the menu consists squid sashimi, fresh okizuke and tempura.

Although the trip was short of an overnight affair, we were happy with the outcome as our ice boxes were filled with a fresh catch.

~News courtesy of The Star~


Big boost for tourism

Big boost for tourism

Terengganu will promote tourism based on core activities under the tagline Comel or the acronym for Candat Sotong (squid jigging) Festival, Monsoon Cup, Endurance Challenge and Leisure.

State Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee Chairman Datuk Abdul Rahin Mohd Said the move was based on the fact that the government could not promote all tourism activities to tourists.

“Our tourism calendar starts with the Candat Sotong Festival launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak recently,” he said.

Rahin added that the Candat Sotong or squid jigging festival held annually for 20 years had received strong participation from foreign tourists.

“The squid jigging festival is not only held in Kuala Terengganu but also in the other districts here.”

He said the Candat Sotong festival helped to give business to tourism industry players yet to recover from the monsoon season. – Bernama.

~News courtesy of The Star~

One-way road change causing headache

One-way road change causing headache for residents, traders

KUALA TERENGGANU: Traders and residents are frustrated over the sudden implementation of a one-way road along Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin here.

Since the traffic diversion was made a week ago, the business community here recorded a 20% drop in revenue while mat rempits have transformed the road into their own race track at night.

Electrical appliances dealer How Kok Kong, 67, said the Kuala Terengganu City Council had implemented the change without consulting with the people.

“I don’t understand the need for a one-way road as the traffic here is pretty smooth.

Big problem: A group of traders picketing along Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin which was converted into a one way street by MBKT recently.

“In fact, the one way road had contributed to more congestion here,” he said.

How added his customers had to drive further in order to get to the shops in the area.

Restaurant owner Zawawi Muda, 54, said his customers too had complained about the traffic flow especially during peak hours.

“If the customers can’t find parking on their first try, most of them would not bother to turn back as it was far.

“The new traffic flow is not benefiting anyone,” he said.

Trader Goh Bee Ai, 34, who stays in her shophouse said she is having sleepless nights as the mat rempits would race on the road and terrorise the township after dark.

“It is obviously a joy for these illegal motorcycle racers especially on Thursday nights.

“Such activities are also endangering the people here,” she said.

Goh added the city council should reconsider their action and revert back to the two-way system as soon as possible.

The traders and residents have since sent a memorandum to the council demanding for an amicable solution to the issue.

~News courtesy of The Star~

风声紧防取缔 怡保黑心猪肉暂停产

风声紧防取缔 怡保黑心猪肉暂停产




设冷藏库 收集死猪










消费人在门市猪肉档买的都是新鲜猪肉,所以并不担心会买到黑心猪肉。 (档案照片)(图:星洲日报)


















当地商家居民希望市政厅把路段恢复原本的双车道。 (图:星洲日报)


瓜登市政厅是从本月9日开始,从拉当苏丹再纳阿比丁宗教中学至哥打路(Jalan Kota),实验性进行改道计划,从双车道改为单行车道。这项改道计划将牵涉3条道路,分别是苏丹再纳阿比丁路、柏达尼路及斯里哥兰路。


















马90%农场卖死猪 制成腊肠肉丸牟利

马90%农场卖死猪 制成腊肠肉丸牟利






Islam Civilisations Park 回教文明公园

Taman Tamadun Islam
Islam Civilisations Park

9.00am - 7.00pm on weekends (Friday to Sunday)
10.00am - 7.00pm on weekdays (Monday to Thursday)
Last ticket sales and admission is at 6.15pm.

Address: Pulau Wan Man, Kuala Terengganu City, Terengganu State
Tel: +609-6278888
Email: sales@tti.com.my
Website: www.tti.com.my

Nasi Kukus

Nasi Kukus
Terengganu delicacy - 登嘉楼美食

Tricycle rickshaw 三轮车

Cultural heritage-Tricycle rickshaw




沙亚南(Shah Alam)通往巴生(Klang)市区的联邦大道,白茫茫一片。 (图:星洲日报)








内科与肺腔专科医生林锦发指出,燃烧所主要释放出的微粒物质(particulate matter),直径是低于10微米(百万分之一米),可直接进入人体的肺部,带来影响。












目前的情况来看,行情不好,相信药行都不会大量进货,价格暂时维持不变。 ”




在一般情况下,选购3层式的口罩已经足以应付及过滤烟霾中的污染物质,每天使用一片即可,价格也维持不变。我认为现阶段的情况仍未达严重情况,记得多喝水就好,而大马几乎每年都会面对这样的情况,只是往年一般都在7或8月,今年则稍微提早。 ”





如果真的很想食用榴梿,就记得要 配上果后山竹一起享用至于必须暴露在太阳底下工作的人士,受影响程度会更加严重,容易出现偏头痛、高血压与头痛等状况,因此要多加留意。公众最重要多喝 水、多吃蔬菜水果,如马蹄、西瓜、梨子等都是很好的选择。此外,饮用凉茶、椰水等也有助于消暑。 ”



Hot spell likely to ease next week

Hot spell likely to ease next week

THE rising temperature now is caused by reduced air humidity and rainfall in the region caused by tropical storm Aere in northern Philippines that blew hot air to the country, said Malaysian Meteorological Department (Met) weather forecasting director Saw Bun Liong.

Saw told Bernama that the current hot spell in the peninsula was only temporary and likely to ease next week.

He said the hot spell was, however, normal in May and the temperatures recorded were lower than during the same period in 1998.

The country has beem experiencing warm weather since May 6. The highest temperature recorded throughout the country since May 6 is 36.2°C.

Cooling off: Children playing at the pool at Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers due to the hot weather recently. — By AZHAR MAHFOF/The Star.

The department will continue to monitor the situation continuously round the clock and will alert the National Security Council if any action needs to be taken.

Saw advised the public to avoid open burning, reduce outdoor activities and drink a lot of water.

According to information posted on the department’s website, Malaysia is now experiencing inter-monsoon season which will last until the end of the month..

During this period the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah will occasionally experience thunderstorms and heavy rain in the afternoon and fair weather over the eastern states of the peninsula.

Subsequently, the South-West Monsoon is expected from June to September. The South-West Mon-soon is comparatively drier throughout the country and this is attributed to relatively stable atmospheric condition due to less intense convective development.

It was also stated that the current La Nina condition is expected to continue weakening in the coming months and the weather will be back to normal by June.

The hot spell has resulted in more people staying indoors and drinking more water and switching on the air-conditioners.

Electrical product retailers like Courts and Harvey Norman confirmed that they had recorded an increase in sale of air-conditioners in recent weeks.

Consumers are spoilt for choice as the retailers are running promotions by air-conditioner brands like Panasonic, York, Mitsubishi and LG.

A spokesman from the Seri Andalas Fire and Rescue Department in Klang said they had received instructions to monitor the Kampung Johan Setia area, which is prone to peat fires during a drought and farmers conducting open burning of jungle waste.

“We have yet to receive any complaints about fires in the area.

“But the department has recorded fewer forest fires this year compared with previous years because we have taken early preventive measures and carry out regular monitoring,” he said.

At press time, Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd could not be contacted for comments on the water level at the dams in Sungai Langat, Klang Gates and Tasik Subang.

~News courtesy of The Star~

Drinks cost the same despite sugar price increase

Drinks to cost the same despite sugar price increase, say restaurant operators

GEORGE TOWN: Muslim restaurants will not be increasing the prices of their drinks although sugar now costs an extra 20 sen per kilo.

Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma) president Noorul Hassan Saul Hameed said its 3,700 members would not increase the prices of drinks.

“We can easily absorb the cost,” he said yesterday.

He said restaurant operators had already reduced the amount of sugar in drinks following the Government's call for the public to consume less sugar.

“Our customers are also asking for less sugar in their drinks,” he added.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry secretary-general Datuk Mohd Zain Mohd Dom had announced that the price of coarse and fine sugar would be increased by 20 sen to RM2.30 per kilo.

Coffeeshops in Sibu have also pledged to maintain the prices of their drinks for the time being.

However, Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association chairman Tong Ing Kok said it would have to consider any appeal from members for a price increase.

“The prices of other ingredients for drinks such as condensed milk, evaporated milk and coffee powder have also increased,” he added.

Tong said the per-carton price of condensed milk had increased from RM124.40 to about RM148 and evaporated milk from RM105.80 to about RM127.

He added that the price of coffee powder had increased from RM17 to RM22 per kilo.

“With or without a price increase, I strongly urge our members to maintain standards and not reduce the quality of their drinks, which can result in them losing customers,” he said, advising members to comply with the association's price list on drinks.

Malaysian Chinese Food Consumers Association vice-chairman Chia Yuk Koay said he had not received any feedback from his members on the sugar price increase.

~News courtesy of The Star~


印尼苏岛热点增加 马来半岛高温持续至下周












改道的第一天,市政厅除了安置指示牌,也派出执法人员在现场指挥交通,避免交通出现混乱。 (图:星洲日报)

瓜登市政厅从今日开始,从拉当苏丹再纳阿比丁宗教中学至哥打路(Jalan Kota),实验性进行改道计划,从双车道改为单行车道。







Terengganu told to promote biotourism

Terengganu told to promote biotourism

HULU TERENGGANU: Endowed with a complete tourism package, Terengganu should further promote its biodiversity to bring in more foreign tourists to the state.

Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit said Terengganu was blessed with beautiful islands and was home to the well-known Tasik Kenyir, with its unique flora and fauna.

“If we continue to focus on this biotourism product, Terengganu may well be able to pull in more foreign visitors,” he said after opening the RM3.8 million Kenyir Information Centre in Pangkalan Gawi, here.

He noted that in certain countries like the United States, Mexico and Canada, the term “biotourism” was being favoured over “ecotourism” in efforts to promote biological diversity and preservation to attract tourists.

“We also need to promote our biotourism products to woo more foreign tourists into the country,” he said, adding that Malaysia recorded 24.6 million international arrivals and tourism receipts of RM56.5 billion in 2010. - Bernama

Terengganu to start direct flight to Bandung

Terengganu to start direct flight to Bandung on June 2

Come June, there will be a direct flight from here and Bandung, Indonesia.

The direct flights are in line with the state’s goal in becoming an eastern hub for air traffic.

The route will be served by Heritage Air, a new Malaysian owned, Malacca based airline, owned by Kemuning Group in partnership with Indonesian associate Kagum Group, twice weekly.

Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said said the inaugural flight has been scheduled for June 2.

He said the tour, four days and three nights package, is available at RM1,688 per person.

The packages offered also include shopping vouchers.

Heritage Air will operate using two British Aerospace BAE146-200 aircraft that can accommodate 98 passengers each.

He said the direct flights are in line with the state’s goal in becoming an eastern hub for air traffic.

Ahmad said the inaugural flight was already fully booked but members of the public could vouch for other flights after the launch.

“The packages offered also include shopping vouchers,” he said.

~News courtesy of The Star~




乐浪岛因为《夏日么么茶》暴红,吸引许多国内外游客前来度假。 (档案照)(图:星洲日报)


根据星洲日报的娱乐报导,由马楚成执导的《夏日乐悠悠》敲定了位于乐浪岛及停泊岛之间的浪中岛(Pulau Lang Tengah)取景,预料在5月中开拍。






Ping Anchorage旅游仲介有限公司总执行长李云平认为,香港电影到浪中岛拍摄,肯定为该海岛带来宣传效应,提升海岛的知名度。






另一方面,Redang Holiday Beach Villa负责人陈先生表示,多年前乐浪岛因为《夏日么么茶》暴红,相信这次浪中岛也会如此受益。
















Special buffet dinner for Mother’s Day

Special buffet dinner for Mother’s Day

KUALA TERENGGANU: Hotels here are ushering Mother’s Day this Sun­­­­­day with all kinds of promotions.

Grand Continental general manager Bobby Anboselvan said their promotions would include a special buffet dinner priced at RM48 for adults and RM28 for children.

“The buffet will be held from 7pm to 11pm.”

He said the events and promotions will be themed 1Malaysia.

He said the hotel is also organising cake cutting, karaoke competition, sporting mom as well as best dress fashion show to celebrate the day.

Primula Hotel is also having similar celebration at its hotel. The hotel is promotioning its BBQ dinner.

The hotel’s public relations officer Noor Zihan Che Long said they would also have fun games to celebrate the special day.

The BBQ is priced at RM60 for adults and RM30 for children.

~News courtesy of The Star~


Security heightens following Osama's death

Malaysia tightens security after Osama's death

KUALA LUMPUR: One day after the US announced that the death of its most wanted man, several governments around the world tightened security against possible retaliation from terror networks linked to Al Qaeda. Malaysia has also heightened security in key areas.

Speaking after meeting the visiting Indian Foreigh Minister SM Krishna, Malaysia's Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said a special counter terrorism taskforce is working closely with regional and international intelligence agencies to stay on top of the situation.

Mr Hishamuddin said: "Right now we have not seen any movement that will concern us...I can give assurance as of today there's no concern. Malaysia was never a target at the moment. I believe they have no plan making malaysia a target."

Malaysia recently set up a joint working committee with India to combat terrorism, arms smuggling, as well as human and drug trafficking. It is also actively sharing information with the US, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and China on cross border terror links.

The minister denied that Malaysia is seen as a breeding ground for regional terror networks.

He said: "It was never been seen as breeding ground. There's no room for them to breed, to train terrorism. But the world is porous now. Anywhere they exist, they move, they are mobile, they do end up on our shores and some stayed on."

Still the Malaysian authorities are not taking chances. The police have stepped up security measures at strategic locations in and around the capital, in particular the embassy enclave in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is also putting in place a better mechanism to screen foreigners at entry checkpoints. This after reports that terror suspects were infiltrating Malaysian schools and institutions of higher learning to recruit students.

~News courtesy of Channel Newsasia~


“我有爱之针,不给钱就刺你!” 马来西亚爱之针匪卷土重来








Batu Bersurat roundabout 交通圈

Kuala Terengganu's landmark - Batu Bersurat roundabout
瓜拉登嘉楼地标 - Batu Bersurat 交通圈

Jawi signboards - 爪宜文招牌

Jawi script signboards - Terengganu common sightings
爪宜文招牌 - 登嘉楼街景