5,000 expected to join celebrations to usher in 2020 in Kuala Terengganu

5,000 expected to join celebrations to usher in 2020 in Kuala Terengganu

Over 5,000 people are expected to flock to Duyong Marina & Resort here on Dec 31 to join the state-level celebrations to usher in the new year of 2020.

State Tourism, Culture and Information Technology Committee chairman Ariffin Deraman said four events have been lined up for the celebrations, including the Terengganuku Comel Convoy involving 100 four-wheel-drive vehicles.

“The ala-treasure hunt convoy will begin at Wisma Darul Iman at 8 am on Dec 31 and is expected to reach Dataran Kuala Berang in Hulu Terengganu at noon and arrive at Duyong Marina & Resort in the afternoon.

“The second event is a special Perdana Forum featuring several well-known preachers, followed by the third event which is the launch of the Terengganu 2020 Tourism Calendar by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar,” he told a press conference here today.

In the evening, while waiting for the main event of the New Year’s countdown, the visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with the could mingle with members of Terengganu football and hockey teams, as well as Terengganu Cycling Team (TSG) cyclists.

Ariffin explained that in general there are 26 events listed on the tourism calendar including the Kenyir Festival, Squid Jigging Carnival and Terengganu Peranakan Festival.

“Those are major events planned for 2020 but there are also 114 small-scale tourism events will be organised at the district and state constituency levels.

“At the same time, the state government is striving to provide more public transport facilities for the urban tourism sector as well as a water transportation network linking the drawbridge, the Pasar Besar Payang, the Islamic Civilization Park, Terengganu Museum and Cultural Village as a preparation to welcome the tourists to Terengganu next year,” he added.



2020旅游年放眼招亚欧中东客 目标1千亿令吉收入

2020旅游年放眼招亚欧中东客 目标1千亿令吉收入












Terengganu flooded again,

Terengganu flooded again, one life lost in Kelantan

As many as 3,575 people have been placed at temporary evacuation centres (PPS) in Kelantan today following floods that also claimed a life.

The victim, identified as Shaimee Ismail, 52, was found by residents of Kampung Renak, Tanah Merah, believed to have drowned after being swept away in the flood at 9 am today.

According to the Social Welfare Department (JKM) Disaster Info portal, as of 8 pm today, Jeli district recorded the highest number of evacuees with 1,894 people from 592 families in 11 relief centres followed by Tanah Merah involving 1,132 people from 293 families housed in 22 relief centres.

Meanwhile, In Kuala Krai, 231 victims (from 66 families) were housed at four relief centres while in Machang, 252 victims (79 families) were placed in three centres and 66 victims (23 families) at a centre in Pasir Puteh.

The ebanjir.kelantan.gov.my website shows that five major rivers in Kelantan remain above the danger level, namely Sungai Kelantan in Kuala Krai at 25.24 metres (m) and the Sungai Kelantan at the Guillenard Bridge at 16.41m.

Sungai Golok in Jenob is now at 25.64 m, Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang is at 10.61m and Sungai Golok in Kuala Jambu at 3.30m.

In TERENGGANU, heavy rainfall in the Hulu Terengganu and Dungun districts since last night have caused some areas to flood again.

State Disaster Management Secretariat head Lt Kol Che Adam A. Rahman said that as of 9 pm today, 88 evacuees from 27 families had been placed at four relief centres.

He said in Hulu Terengganu, 24 evacuees (six families) were placed at the relief centre in Projek Penyusunan Semula Kampung Felcra Gunung Menerong (resettlement project) near Ajil while in Dungun, 39 evacuees (14 families) were transferred to the centre at Dewan Orang Ramai Kampung Minda, 15 evacuees (five families) were stationed at centre in Surau Kampung Besol Lama and 10 evacuees (two families) at the centre in the community hall in Rantau Panjang.

Meanwhile, the InfoBencanaJKM Application reported that five rivers in three districts in Terengganu had crossed the danger level, namely Sungai Berang in Menerong, Sungai Telemong in Kuala Ping, Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap, Sungai Setiu inKampung Besut and Sungai Dungun in Kuala Jengai.

In PAHANG, 1,073 evacuees from 290 families were placed at eight relief centres in Rompin, Bera and Temerloh, as of 8 pm today.

According to the Social Welfare Department Disaster Info portal, 829 evacuees were placed in five centres in Rompin, in Temerloh 235 people were at two centres and nine evacuees in one centre in Bera.

In JOHOR, the flood situation is improving with the number of victims decresing to 2,687 people from 722 families as of 8 pm today.

The State Local Government, Urban Well-being and Environment Committee chairman Tan Chen Choon, said all the victims were still housed in 43 temporary evacuation centres in six districts namely Kluang, Kota Tinggi, Mersing, Pontian, Batu Pahat and Segamat.

Malaysian Meteorological Department this evening issued a severe weather alert in several districts in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang until tomorrow.



Police dismiss viral news floods caused by Kenyir Lake overflow

Police dismiss viral news floods caused by Kenyir Lake overflow

The police today dismissed as fake news a viral social media video message that overflowing water from the Kenyir Lake is the reason for the floods in Terengganu.

Hulu Terengganu District Police chief DSP Mohd Adli Mat Daud said the water in the lake was at the normal level of 140 metres and overflowing only takes place when the level reaches 146 metres.

He also said that the news in social media of secret gates at the Kenyir Dam that have been opened as the cause of the floods was untrue.

“There are no secret gates at the Kenyir Dam. Water in the lake will only overflow when it rises above the overflow channels at the dam,” he told reporters during a patrol in an amphibious boat in Kampung Matang.

Mohd Adli said such news is uploaded onto social media almost every year during the flood season to cause panic and worry among the people.

“Spreading such fake news is an offence under the Communications and Multimedia Act as well as the Penal Code. Offenders can be sentenced to jail and fined,” he said.

He also said that the video circulated on social media is an old one which is unrelated to the current floods.

More than 5,000 people have been affected by the floods in Terengganu as of this evening.



Nasi Goreng Pattaya

Nasi Goreng Pattaya, or simply nasi pattaya, is a Southeast Asian fried rice dish made by covering or wrapping chicken fried rice, in thin fried egg or omelette. 

Despite its name, the dish is believed to originate from Malaysia, and today is also commonly found in Indonesia and Singapore. It is often served with chili sauce, tomato ketchup, slices of cucumber, and keropok.


Red alert for parts of Kelantan and T’ganu

Red alert for parts of Kelantan and T’ganu

Calm amid calamity: Residents frolicking even as the water level in Sungai Golok rises in Pasir Mas, Kelantan. — Bernama

Parts of Kelantan and Terengganu are on red alert amid worsening floods, with more than 3,000 people in the east coast states evacuated so far.

With the year-end monsoon season in full swing, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) yesterday issued a red alert weather warning for Tumpat, Pasir Mas, Kota Baru, Tanah Merah, Bachok, Machang and Pasir Puteh in Kelantan.

The red alert also covers Besut and Setiu in Terengganu.

“Torrential rain is expected to continue until today, ” MetMalaysia said in a statement announcing the weather warning.

There are three types of heavy rain warning issued by MetMalaysia.

The first is a yellow or alert level weather warning when continued heavy rains is expected to last between one and three days.

The next is an orange level or severe weather warning for an area that is expected to be hit by continued heavy rain.

A red alert or danger level weather warning warning is issued when rainfall is forecast to exceed 240mm per day.

Apart from the red alert, MetMalaysia also issued an orange level severe weather warning yesterday for Jeli and Kuala Krai (Kelantan); Kuala Nerus, Hulu Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu, Marang, Dungun and Kemaman (Terengganu); as well as Kuantan, Pekan and Rompin (Pahang).

A yellow alert weather warning was also issued for Gua Musang (Kelantan), Jerantut (Pahang) as well as Mersing and Kota Tinggi (Johor).

The north-east monsoon which started on Oct 24 is set to last until March, bringing heavy rain that often floods parts of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Sarawak and Sabah.

Bernama reported that the number of flood victims in Terengganu stood at 1,413 people as at 2pm yesterday.

In Kelantan, 1,504 people had been evacuated due to the floods as at noon yesterday.

~The Star~


Four Terengganu rivers breach danger level

Four Terengganu rivers breach danger level

Incessant heavy rain in Setiu and Besut since last night caused rising level of rivers in both districts this morning and closing of roads to all vehicles.

According to the portal of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), the levels of three rivers in Setiu and one in Besut had breached the danger point.

The level of Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap at 10.45 am was 21.26 meters, above the danger point of 21 metres.

It said Sungai Setiu in Kampung Besut (17.87 metres), Sungai Chalok in Chalok bridge (8.48 metres) and Sungai Besut in Kampung La (23.01 metres) were above the warning levels of 17.5 metres, 8.40 metres and 21.8 metres respectively.

It is also reported that several rivers in Hulu Terengganu and Dungun exceeded the alert and warning levels.

According to the Setiu Disaster Management Secretariat, currently, Jalan Permaisuri towards Hulu Seladang had been closed to all vehicles after floodwaters rose to 0.8 metre.

Jalan Jertih/Pasir Akar/ Keruak were flooded to a depth of 0.35 metre and were closed to light vehicles.

Meanwhile in KOTA BHARU, the portal said at 11 am, the levels of Sungai Jenob in Tanah Merah and Sungai Golok in Pasir Mas were 22.16 metres and 7.64 metres respectively, all above the normal points of 19 metres and five metres.


More than 20 million tourists in first 9 months of 2019

Malaysia records more than 20 million tourists in first 9 months of 2019

Malaysia saw positive growth in the tourism sector in the first half of this year, boosted by stronger international tourist arrivals.

International tourist arrivals stood at 20,109,203 tourists between January and September, an increase of 3.7 per cent, compared to 19,386,115 visitors during the same period last year.

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi said the top 10 countries with the highest contribution of tourist arrivals was Singapore with 7,868,755 visitors, followed by Indonesia (2,792,776); China (2,413,956); Thailand (1,442,224); Brunei (929,789); India (539,167); South Korea (508,080); Vietnam (323,393); Japan (321,283) and the Philippines (317,294).

“Tourist receipts for the same period in 2019 reached RM66.14 billion compared to RM61.85 billion for the same period in 2018, indicating an increase of 6.9 per cent.

“The main contributors to the tourist expenditure were Singapore (RM16.3 billion), China (RM12.8 billion), Indonesia (RM8.8 billion), Thailand (RM2.8 billion) and India (RM2.5 billion).

“Per capita expenditure for the period of January to September also grew by 3.1 per cent from RM3,190.5 to RM3,289.3,” he said today in announcing the third quarter performance of the tourism sector.

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi left). - NSTP/LUQMAN HAKIM ZUBIR. The short haul market, Mohamaddin said, had retained its position as the largest contributor of tourists to Malaysia with a share of 68.7 per cent.

The contribution of tourists from the medium haul market was 21.6 per cent, while the share of tourists from the long haul market was 9.7 per cent, he added.

“The highest per capita according to market distance saw Saudi Arabia recording the most for long haul at RM11,394.4; China at RM5,301.5 for medium haul and Vietnam at RM3,356.3 for short haul.”

The minister also said the haze which had shrouded Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Brunei had affected the momentum of tourist arrivals.

“I believe the tourist arrivals could be better without the haze.”

Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Musa Yusof said he believed that Malaysia would be able to achieve this year’s tourist arrival target of 28 million.

He said there would be a significant number of tourist arrivals towards the year end, especially in December from countries experiencing winter.

Malaysia normally records about 2.5 million tourist arrivals in Dec.

On tourist arrivals from China, Musa said Malaysia was still favoured by visitors from the country.

~New Straits Times~


Yellow weather alert for Kelantan, Terengganu

Yellow weather alert for Kelantan, Terengganu

The Meteorological Department (Met Malaysia) has issued a yellow weather alert for Kelantan and Terengganu as heavy rain is expected to continue until Saturday in several areas in the two states.

MET Malaysia in a statement today said heavy rain is expected to occur in Tumpat, Pasir Mas, Kota Bharu, Tanah Merah, Bachok, Marang and Pasir Puteh in Kelantan.

In Terengganu, the areas expected to be affected are Besut, Setiu, Kuala Nerus, Hulu Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu and Marang.



Decision on Airbnb next year, says Tourism D-G

Decision on Airbnb next year, says Tourism D-G

Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Musa Yusof said to address the problem, the committee would continue to discuss the issue to find suitable solution. -BERNAMA

The task force on short-term residential accommodation, Airbnb will announce its decision by early next year, Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Musa Yusof said today.

He said the task force was set up to regulate Airbnb accommodations nationwide and would take note of examples from other countries such as France, Singapore and Japan.

“We will look into the issue. What we have implemented throu\gh the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry and the agency under the Housing and Local Government Ministry, is that we already set up a task force to look at what other countries have implemented in terms of Airbnb-type rentals.

“We expect to announce the decision early next year and it needs to be regulated. For example, in some locations, Airbnb accommodations are allowed but not in the big cities where there are hotels available,” he told reporters after launching the Visit Malaysia (VMY) 2020 Kick Off conference here today.

He said this in response to complaints made by hoteliers who claimed of experiencing a decline in occupancy rate despite the high number of tourists arriving in the country as most of them were choosing Airbnb.

Musa said to address the problem, the committee would continue to discuss the issue to find suitable solution.

“The concept of Airbnb in Europe and the US are different than it is in Asia. The Airbnb accommodations that I used to stay at, either in Europe or in the US, the guests stayed with the hosts, and we already have this concept here for the past 30 years and we call it homestay.

Homestay is more for the experiences while Airbnb is more of an accommodation. Only in Malaysia, the visitors are not staying with the owner and this will be regulated,” he said.

He said the matter would be looked at as a whole as there were several joint management bodies had disallowed Airbnb to operate in the condominium building as it was viewed as disruption.

Meanwhile, commenting on the conference, he said it was launched to further promote the promotional activities of the VMY 2020 campaign in the northern states. -- Bernama

No ‘Taliban’ state when T’ganu enforces tourism rule

Exco member: No ‘Taliban’ state when T’ganu enforces tourism rules

The guidelines drafted to govern matters related to entertainment, culture and tourism in Terengganu next year will not have a negative impact to the point of causing the state to be labelled a “Taliban” state.

State syariah, education and higher learning committee chairman Satiful Bahari Mamat said the guidelines, to be gazetted next year, would instead transform Terengganu’s tourism sector into one that is syariah-compliant.

“No, there will be no such negative perception when the guidelines come into force.

“Tourists visit Terengganu to enjoy the natural surroundings, the local culture and what we as a state that fulfils Islamic requirements can offer, ” he said when replying to Roslee Daud’s (BN-Bukit Besi) supplementary question on how the proposed guidelines would impact the tourism sector and industry players.

Replying to Datuk Rozi Mamat’s (BN-Telemong) question on open aerobic sessions, Satiful said Terengganu had no plans to stop them but there were adjustments that needed to be done, such as where men and women were positioned during the activity.

“That is why we encourage more male trainers for this (aerobics) activity.

“Women can conduct their sessions in enclosed spaces, ” Satiful added.

Meanwhile, during the debate of the 2020 state Budget, a PAS assemblyman asked the Federal Government to consider the 25% deduction from the oil royalty payment to only involve the amount that is due for payment next year.

Hishamuddin Abdul Karim (PAS-Tepoh) said this would be only be fair for Terengganu to implement its development agenda in the state for the benefit of the people. — Bernama


Yellow weather alert in east coast from tomorrow

Yellow weather alert in east coast from tomorrow

The Malaysian Meteorological Department has issued a yellow weather alert in almost all areas throughout Kelantan and Terengganu, as well as several districts in Pahang following the east wind surge expected in the region from Nov 25 (tomorrow) which can bring continuous heavy rainfall. 

Its director-general Jailan Simon said the areas involved in Pahang were Jerantut, Maran, Kuantan, Pekan and Rompin.

“Strong winds with speeds of 40 to 50 km/h with waves as high as 3.5 metres are expected to occur in waters off the respective states, and the weather warning is effective from Nov 25 to 27 (Wed).

"In addition, the seawater level is also expected to rise due to the high tide during the period.

"The incident could pose a risk of seawater overflowing along the coast and into river mouths in these areas," he said in a statement today.

Meanwhile, he said, as the weather on the east coast was expected to improve, the orange weather alert issued on 2 pm on Nov 22 for Terengganu (Kemaman district) and Pahang (Kuantan, Pekan and Rompin) had been downgraded to a yellow alert, while in Johor the warning had been lifted.



ECRL to unveil proposed Kota Baru-Dungun realignment on Nov 25

ECRL to unveil proposed Kota Baru-Dungun realignment on Nov 25

The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project will be unveiling its proposed realignment from Kota Baru to Dungun during its public inspection exercise on Nov 25,2019, according to Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd (MRL).

It said in a statement Friday (Nov 22) that the public would be able to give feedback and suggestions during the three-month ECRL Public Inspection for the Kota Baru-Dungun stretch (also known as Section A), comprising a 210.4km mainline, a proposed future spurline 14.4 km, and six-passenger/ freight stations.

The ECRL realignment for Section A had proposed two stations for Kelantan namely Kota Baru and Pasir Puteh, while Terengganu will have four stations located at Jerteh, Bandar Permaisuri, Kuala Terengganu, and Dungun.

The 14.4km proposed future spurline is expected to link the ECRL mainline in Kelantan with the port of Tok Bali.

The proposed 210.4km Kota Baru-Dungun stretch or Section A mainline will consist of 43.9km rail alignment in Kelantan and the remaining 166.5km alignment in Terengganu.

MRL chief executive officer Datuk Seri Darwis Abdul Razak said the proposed realignment for Section A was in line with the comprehensive value engineering exercise that resulted in cost savings for the improved ECRL project.

The 210.4km stretch he said, would be positioned inland instead of the coastal areas of Kelantan and Terengganu.

MRL according to Darwis, had received conditional approval for its ECRL Railway Scheme for Section A from the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) on Nov 4,2019, paving the way for the Public Inspection exercise to ensure the project's rail alignment meet the interests and expectations of the local populace.

The Public Inspection information booth for Section A will be operating on weekdays at APAD headquarters in Kuala Lumpur from Nov 25,2019, until Feb 24,2020.

"We have also initiated the environment impact assessment, social impact assessment, and heritage impact assessment for Section A to the authorities as these reports are prerequisites for APAD granting final approval to our Railway Scheme.

"The public may also visit MRL's website (www.mrl.com.my) or access the ECRL project's social media platform for the latest information and details of the Public Inspection exercise," he said.

On ECRL's progress, Darwis said the project's overall completion rate currently stood at 12.86% as compared to 10.18% in June 2019.

He noted that construction works involving tunnels and viaducts along the 223km Dungun-Mentakab stretch (also known as Section B) was progressing according to plan.

"Site clearing and earthworks are actively taking place on multiple sites along Section B where there are no alignment changes to our Railway Scheme following the resumption of the improved ECRL project back in April 2019," he added.

The ECRL, scheduled for completion by December 2026, would have 640km rail network linking Kota Baru to Port Klang.

~The Star~

东铁路线调整建议 25日供公众审查

东铁路线调整建议 25日供公众审查












Terengganu to boast of cultural village in January

Terengganu to boast of cultural village in January

The tourism industry in the state will be boosted with its latest product, Terengganu Cultural Village which will open to the public by January 2020.

State Tourism, Culture and Information Technology Committee chairman, Ariffin Deraman said the Terengganu Cultural Village which is located near the State Museum, will have seven houses with each having its own unique features.

“The cultural village is new as it has just been approved by the executive committee yesterday. At the State Museum, there are traditional houses which were originally owned by the museum but we have decided to separate them.

"The village is near several other tourism attractions there. They (tourists) can visit the Islamic Civilisation Park (TTI), museum and then to the cultural village,” he told Bernama today.

He said annually RM2 million would be allocated to implement the project including human resource, equipment, cultural performances and so on.

"This year we have allocated RM400,000 to prepare basic facilities for use in January,” Ariffin added.

He said there will be an entrance charge for visitors but Ariffin gave his assurance the amount would be much lower than the cultural villages found in other states.


Tourists from Indonesia, Brunei excited to visit Terengganu

Tourists from Indonesia, Brunei excited to visit Terengganu

The frustration of a group of tourists from Brunei and Indonesia has turned into excitement after knowing that there are many interesting places to visit in Terengganu when the famous resort islands in the state are closed in view of the monsoon season.

Dony Hasiholan, from Surabaya, Indonesia, said he was told that among the interesting places were the drawbridge, Setiu Wetland and Terrapuri Heritage Village.

“When we were told that we could not go to the island because of the monsoon season, I thought I would get bored here, I did not expect that there are so many other interesting places to go.

“There are also fishing and squid jigging activities,” he told Bernama when met here today.

For Nur Khadijah Abdullah from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, who visited Terengganu 15 years ago, the state is fast developing.

She said among her favourites was the drawbridge, which is the latest tourism icon in Terengganu.

“Kuala Terengganu has changed a lot, 15 years ago there were not many hotels like today. I also can't wait for the new Pasar Payang to open,” she said.

Meanwhile, state Tourism, Culture and Information Technology Committee chairman Ariffin Deraman said the tourists were part of the 13 participants of the Aseanmeet Post Tour programme.

He said the participants would be taken to various interesting places in the country including in Terengganu to promote Malaysian tourism products.

"They are bloggers, owners of travel agencies and media practitioners," he said.



Terengganu plans to invite large cruise ships

Terengganu plans to invite large cruise ships

Terengganu aims to boost tourism by attracting large cruise ships to stop over at the state during their voyages by 2021.

Terengganu tourism, culture and information technology committee chairman Ariffin Deraman said there were talks to arrange for cruise ships to include the state as one of their stops.

Although the plans have been presented at the state exco meeting, the state government is expecting for arrangements to be ready by 2021 as talks are still ongoing.

“We have smaller cruise ships docking here, but now we are planning to arrange for cruises from Singapore to make Terengganu one of their stops.

“What we are looking at now are larger vessels, with the capacity for 3,000 passengers and 1,500 workers, ” he said.

Plans are underway, he said, to bring passengers to visit Kuala Terengganu’s iconic drawbridge, museums and other tourist attractions in the state.

He added that cultural performances would also be included in the itinerary.

Ariffin said plans were still in the early stages, and there were no issues with cruise ships that serve alcohol or have gambling on board.

“On our side, we would not serve alcohol or organise gambling and we will not be going up to the cruise ships. We will only entertain the passengers when they get off.

“These tourists would only stop by for about seven to eight hours, they will not be spending the night here, ” he said. Terengganu MCA executive advisor Datuk Toh Chin Yaw said the move was “definitely good”, but the overall policies in the state need to be tourist-friendly.

“The tourism industry is doing well in Terengganu. But we must be prepared and have the will to make the tourism boost a reality, ” he said when contacted.

~The Star~


Tourists flock to Kenyir Lake despite monsoon

Tourists flock to Kenyir Lake despite monsoon

Iconic Lake Kenyir defies the odds by drawing tourists despite the monsoon season.

In contrast to most resorts in Terengganu that have temporarily halted its tourist activities earlier this month, many visitors started booking houseboats in Lake Kenyir for November and December.

Houseboat operator Ramli Mustafa, 54, said Lake Kenyir, teeming with freshwater fish, would become a gathering spot for many anglers as they normally increased during the monsoon season.

He said sebarau, kelah, temoleh, baung, lampan and belida could be found in abundance in the lake.

“During the monsoon season, Lake Kenyir becomes very busy as many anglers come here to spend their year-end holidays, ” he said.

Another operator, Kamaruddin Razali, 47, said his houseboat, Pesona, was fully booked until the end of the year.

“Firms often organise family day for their employees here, ” he said.
v The state government is also promoting the largest man-made lake in South-East Asia by hosting the Asean Monsoon Casting Tournament, held from Nov 29 to Dec 2.

It is an annual event organised by the state government and is expected to attract over 300 participants including those from Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Brunei. — Bernama

Common signs 常见标语

Common signs 常见标语

Open 开

Closed 关

Entrance 入口

Exit 出口


Pull 拉

Toilet 厕所

Men 男

Women 女

No Entry 不能进入

No Smoking 不能抽烟

One way traffic 单行道


Various programmes to draw tourists during monsoon period

Various programmes to draw tourists to Kuala Terengganu during monsoon period

The Kuala Terengganu city centre is still expected to be buzzing with tourists despite the heavy rains forecasted to hit the East Coast states at the end of this year, with various programmes to be held at the newly built drawbridge and its surrounding areas.

TI Properties Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Khalizan Mahmud said the planned activities include holding a mini theme park and sports events such as the 'Ninja Warrior' challenge on the northern bank of the drawbridge from mid-November to February 2020.

“We want to make it clear to the public that the monsoon season is not something to be avoided. It's something we all have to enjoy together. We want to change (the perception) so that it (monsoon) is not something that scares tourists from coming to Terengganu.

“Maybe the islands cannot be visited during the monsoon season, so tourists can come to the city centre. In fact, for many years, the Kuala Terengganu city centre has also been flood-free, ”he told Bernama when met at the drawbridge here.

The two events are also expected to give local merchants the opportunity to open food trucks in the area.

“We have met with the food truck association in the state, and they have agreed to do business in this area when the mini theme park is started. So far, 50 food truck operators have agreed to do business here,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said the sky bridge gallery which was opened in mid-September had received an overwhelming response from locals as well as out of town.

“In order for it to continue receiving a good response, we will change the theme of the exhibition at the sky bridge gallery from time to time. Currently, we are exhibiting paintings by local painters, after this, we will showcase sculptures made by UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) students as well as artifacts of the Prophet Muhammad," he added.


Monsoon season setting in, islands quiet down

Monsoon season setting in, Terengganu islands quiet down

JERTIH, Nov 3 -- Most resorts on Terengganu’s popular islands are no longer receiving bookings following the impending arrival of the monsoon season soon.

Only several resorts were reported to be operating throughout the year especially in meeting the demands of foreign tourists who were keen on the wave surfing sport.

Based on information which was obtained from the Terengganu Tourism Department, all resorts on Pulau Perhentian had been closed from October except four, namely, Sharila Perhentian Resort, Coral View Resort, D’Rock Garden Resort and Aina Ohana which would be operational all year round.

Meanwhile, on Pulau Redang, Kuala Nerus and Pulau Kapas, Marang, the operations of most resorts had ended in October, while on Pulau Tenggol, Dungun they would close at the end of this month.

Generally, the operators who were met by Bernama said the closures were done in response to the government’s call as it was worried over the safety of the tourists especially due to the uncertainty of the weather and turbulent seas.

A survey together with the Terengganu Department of Marine Park Malaysia to Pulau Perhentian recently also found most operators were making preparation and relocating numerous equipment especially boats to safe locations.

Currently, most islands were only occupied by workers and operators to monitor their surrounding conditions throughout the monsoon season and paving the way work works to repair damaged rooms at the resorts.

An operator of one of the resorts on Pulau Perhentian, Masron Mustafa, 40, said the closure would surely reduced the income of many of his workers but it was necessary to avoid untoward incidents.

He said it was an annual routine for them to temporarily close their places of accommodation from October to February and to reopen them in March each year.

‘’I have closed down the resort since mid-October. I understand some operators are still operational and will close in early November, while some are said to operate until the end of this year.

‘’The uncertain seas during the monsoon season can be a safety threat to tourists visiting the islands and the activities which can be carried out are also limited compared to normal days,’’ he said when contacted by Bernama here today.

Masron said the boat services would also not operate like normal in the monsoon season and rendering it difficult to the tourists to go to the islands.

Asked on the usual risks on Pulau Perhentian during the monsoon season, he said the situation was normally under control as the resort areas were protected by hills from the full forces of the winds.

In fact, he said the damages sustained were not as bad as those experienced by the other resorts such as on Pulau Kapas.

A resort operator on Pulau Kapas, Hawa Abdul Rahman conceded that she suffered damages since the past several years and had to cough out more than RM1 million on repairs.

She said the assault of the waves and strong winds had resulted in damaged equipment and blown away roofs at her resort

“Ombak Kapas Resort will still be operational albeit on a small scale during the monsoon season for safety reasons. There are still some European tourists who check into our resort to play with the (monsoon) waves,’’ she added.









被问到是否已对任何可能性做好准备,他直言,“我们不受影响(tak takluk),不被任何可能性影响。部长不能说部门是属于他的吧?”


文章来源 : 星洲日报 2019-08-23


Tourism Malaysia ties up with Expedia

Tourism Malaysia ties up with Expedia

PUTRAJAYA: Tourism Malaysia has inked a deal with American travel company Expedia Group which will see both sides collaborate to boost tourism promotion to Malaysia.

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi said the partnership with Expedia will help support Malaysia’s target of achieving 30 million tourist arrivals and RM100bil tourist spending by 2020.

“Malaysia has just launched its fifth instalment of the Visit Malaysia series, Visit Malaysia 2020, and this is a timely strategic partnership which will benefit all parties.

“Expedia Group, as many of you would know, has over 200 travel booking websites in more than 70 countries around the world and work with thousands of lodging and flight partners to cater to the differing needs of modern travellers today.

“This partnership will collectively promote travel to Malaysia hence helping us grow our tourism arrival and income, empower our hospitality industry to be equipped with the right tools and services to help them grow their business locally, and be seen as a beacon in the sustainable tourism space, ” said Mohamaddin in his speech at the signing ceremony of the new collaboration, held at his ministry yesterday.

Mohamaddin said one of the agreements between Tourism Malaysia and Expedia Group will be focused on several global campaigns to promote inbound travel from the United States, Australia and Japan to Malaysia.

The three countries are among the biggest points of sale for Expedia Group.

“This partnership will see a joint execution of destination marketing campaigns to spotlight Malaysia’s hidden and unique tourist attractions as well as promote the variety of accommodation to Expedia Group’s 750 million plus monthly visitors globally, ” said Mohamaddin.

The collaboration will also see Expedia Group and Tourism Malaysia exchanging traveller insights, to help better understand tourist behaviours and home tourism strategies in line with the implementation of Visit Malaysia.

Expedia Group senior vice-president of commercial strategy and services Greg Schulze said the company found Malaysia to be a “progressively thinking destination” and was committed to help expose the country to travellers around the world.

“Tourism is an important contributor to Malaysia’s economy, accounting for almost 14.9% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and 3.4 million jobs.

“As a world travel platform, Expedia Group is proud to be an online travel tourism partner to Tourism Malaysia, connecting Malaysia’s tourism industry to millions of travellers in our worldwide network, ” he said.

Among the travel websites under Expedia Group include Expedia.com, Trivago and Hotels.com.

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